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Hydrogen Bomb Tested by North Korea - September 7, 2017


Kim Jong Un

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.

Albert Einstein American city 1 month or 1 year from now?


Help from China, Russia, Iran and naive American politicians has provided North Korea with the means to a nuclear capability. For months now the rogue government of Kim Jong Un has boast threats of a nuclear attack upon our nation and our allies. They continue to test their missile delivery system. Climactically, on September 7th North Korea detonated a 100-megaton hydrogen bomb, man times more powerful than their previous test.

They have tested a missile that could reach the United States. However, it's not about missiles! That's a smoke screen. There is a plan more diabolical than missiles. By placing miniature nuclear devices into harmless looking packages, like refrigerators, bombs could be snuck into major US cities. Simultaneous detonation would kill 10's of millions of Americans instantly and contaminate our entire nation.


The US military certainly has the ability to destroy North Korea's nuclear and missile machinery as well as their evil leadership by a sudden strike. However, the problem is having the national resolve to stand up to an international bully. North Korea's previous promises to shut down their nuclear weapons program have obviously been proven a vile deception, destroying their creditability to negotiate. Yet, our "do nothing" congress, obstructionists and delicate snowflakes may never have to the courage to face this reality. Thank God that we have a strong President, but he needs a national resolve behind him.

So, WE THE PEOPLE must take a strong united stand! Patriots of America, let us start the process by speaking out with this bold yet appropriately amusing message: KJU Lose Face