Kim Jong Un's Loss of Face
The Ultimate Asian Disgrace

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Wipe-Out T-Shirt

Graphic Animation above Simulates Wipe-Out Action

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Wipe-Out ShirtsTM

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Without doubt, it is one of the world's most unique T-Shirts!

As illustrated above, the unique "KJU Lose Face" T-Shirt has a facial image that seems to disappear then re-appear. This hybrid design is made possible by a proprietary printing process not available in regular T-shirt manufacturing. This product is copyright and trademark protected and is only available through "Wipe-Out-Shirts" and approved marketing and distributor outlets.

To be technically specific, the "wipe out" action is made possible by a thermal-chromatic polymer -i.e. heat activated color change. It has a trigger point of about 84o F. As the shirt warm up from a typical 72o room temperature, the interior "faced of KJU" will fade out. In these conditions, simple rubbing of the "face" with warm hands for a few seconds will cause the image to fade. As the temperature is increased slightly, the black facial image will completely fade to white - seemingly disappearing on the white shirt background. After cooling for a moment, then the face returns to its original black appearance.

Notes: Changes in ambient temperature or sunlight will effect the speed at which the image fades. As with most T-shirt, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight causes a bleaching action that will weaken the image. For best results, wash carefully, turning the garment wrong side out and do not use bleach in the wash.

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