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PRESS RELEASE: September 1, 2017

A message patriotic Americans can agree on:

KJU: Lose Face with Disgrace

This action T-Shirt strikes back at North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un threats of a nuclear attack by proclaiming the ultimate Asian disgrace - to lose face.

What's so unique?

While wearing this shirt, the face of KJU can be wiped out by rubbing the image. After a moment, the face reappears to be wiped out again.

Copyrighted artwork, safe thermal-chromatic polymers and a proprietary manufacturing process are the principle elements that creates this extraordinary "disappear/reappear" effect.

Is this the world's most unique design? Many say, "Yes!" & "Never saw a T-shirt do anything like that."


Art & Leonard Celebrate 1st Shirt
     Wipe-Out ShirtsTM

Created by a team in East Tennessee:

  • Leonard Heatherly, Design & Marketing
     Marketing Consultant & Polymer Engineer

  • Art Stephens, Proprietary Process & Production
     Decades of Innovative Printing Experience

First Production - Septmber 1, 2017

Patriotic Stand - Order Online - Hybrid Design - Action Icons

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